Photocor Compact particle size analyzer

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    The Photocor Compact particle size analyzer is an instrument for measuring particle size and molecular weight. The working principle of Photocor Compact is based on the dynamic light scattering method. The instrument complies with the international particle size measurement standard ISO 22412:2008.


    Particle size measurement is carried out at an angle of 90 degrees. A 160 degree backscatter module is available as an option. This option allows particle size measurements in concentrated and opaque systems.


    Due to the macro language built into the software, it is possible to automate the measurement process. The design of the cell compartment and the wide range of adapters allow the use of a variety of cylindrical and square cells.


    Device features

    • Measurement of nanoparticle sizes by dynamic light scattering. Absolute measuring method without pre-calibration.
    • Ability to measure particle sizes in concentrated and opaque systems.
    • High measurement speed and good reproducibility of measurement results.
    • Easy sample preparation, small sample volume. Possibility to use various square and cylindrical cuvettes, as well as micro flow cuvettes.
    • Highly sensitive photon counting system based on an avalanche photodiode.
    • Precision temperature control of the cuvette; programmable heating and cooling rates.
    • USB interface provides easy connection to any computer, including a laptop.