High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

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    High Performance Liquid Chromatograph


    High Performance Liquid Chromatograph System Four-channel modular system for pharmaceutical, quality control, environmental, food, research and development applications, offering a variety of solvents, sampling and detection capabilities. Modular design allows you to customize the device in accordance with the individual requirements and financial capabilities of the customer.

    High-performance liquid chromatographs allow you to implement any method and provide more efficient separation of complex mixtures in the concentration range from nanograms to grams. The use of Poroshell and sub-2 µm columns allows HPLC users to perform both conventional HPLC and Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC).

    OpenLAB ChemStation Chromatography Software is a state-of-the-art chromatograph control and data processing software.

    Binary and quaternary pumps provide fast and accurate mixing of mobile phase components, ensuring stable operation of HPLC and LCMS systems.

    The use of a multisampler system in the HPLC multisampler ensures that all sample injector components are flushed with three solvents and reduces carryover to 10 ppm.

    Efficient temperature control and a flexible column switching system allow you to quickly switch between methods;

    Modular design, easy integration into laboratory infrastructure and workflows ensure the lowest cost of analysis;

    Unique radio frequency identification (RFID) keeps track of used columns, flow cells and lamps;

    The leak detection system reports errors and automatically turns off the chromatograph;

    The self-diagnosis and warning system (EMF) warns of the need for preventive maintenance;

    Frontal access to the main units of the modules facilitates maintenance of the devices.


    High performance liquid chromatograph 1-channel isocratic pump

    Features: provide a flow rate from 0.001 to 10 ml / min (in increments of 0.001 ml / min); resulting pressure from 0 to 600 bar; flow reproducibility error ≤0.07% RSD; current adjustment accuracy ±1%.

    Pump supplied: C18 HPLC test column, capillaries, glass tray, four 1 L bottles and connecting cables.


    High performance liquid chromatograph 2-channel binary pump

    Features: formation of a gradient by mixing up to 2 components of the mobile phase in the high pressure zone; the highest repeatability of the flow and mixing of the mobile phase; resulting pressure from 0 to 600 bar; Provide flow from 0.001 to 5 ml/min (0.001 ml/min increments); A 2-channel degasser was installed to remove gases from the mobile phase; flow reproducibility error ≤0.07% RSD; gradient range 0-100%; gradient composition reproducibility error <0.15% RSD; current adjustment accuracy ±1%; operating pH range from 1 to 12.5.