Universal electromechanical testing machine

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    Universal Electromechanical Testing Machine


    Universal Electromechanical Testing Machine is a universal machine for physical and mechanical testing of various materials. It is a simple and reliable equipment with ideal performance to meet the needs of manufacturers and researchers involved in various types of mechanical testing.

    • Wide selection;
    • Adhesive insert thermostats;
    • Tools for compression testing, bending;
    • Extensometers, Shirometers;
    • Intelligent controller control;
    • Easily start, stop and execute other basic commands with the smart controller;
    • Performing tests without a computer;
    • The liquid crystal touch display (option) allows you to quickly select the test method. display of graphic and digital information on the LCD screen;
    • Test methods can be saved to a flash memory card (USB).

    Test methods stored on the flash card can be easily transferred to the testing machine and tests can be performed without a PC. The test results are stored on a flash card and transferred to a personal computer.

    Easy installation of gas load element (option) Testing machines with loads over 20 kN can attach additional light load elements to the bottom of the sleeper, eliminating the need to remove the main load element.a